Too Busy? How To Make Time For What Matters Most

We all have 24 hours in a day, but sometimes it can feel like time is cheating you. If you’re having trouble making time for the things that matter most, take a look at the suggestions below. 

Stop Trying to Multitask

When you try to accomplish more than one task at the same time, you are unable to give 100% of your efforts to either. Devote your full attention and focus to just one thing and you’ll be much more productive. You can switch back and forth between tasks, but you can’t multi-focus.

Question Your Values

Check in on your values and ask yourself what really matters most. Sometimes we say something or someone is important, but our actions will speak much louder than our words. People will find the time, money, and energy for the things and people that they value most. 

Outsource When Possible

Reflect on your daily activities and decide which ones could be offloaded or dropped all together. Can your spouse help out more around the house? Are you checking work emails unnecessarily during the evenings? Eliminating these unproductive tasks will free up your time for more important things.

Schedule Time For Important Tasks

If you don’t consciously make time for important tasks, they will never get completed. Your situation probably won’t change, so you need to change. Set a specific time to work on your goal, and make sacrifices when necessary; it will be worth it in the end. 

Helen Marie Fox is a health and performance coach who has helped hundreds of individuals and groups perform at their best. Her strategic approach to goal achievement leaves people armed with the knowledge, skills and essential mindset required to create change. Read more


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